English and
Cultural Studies

The teaching and research provided through our department focus upon the critical interpretation, social and historical context, and creative expression of literature and culture. The department cultivates the understanding and skills critical to participation and success in a complex, multicultural and global world.

English and Cultural Studies at Bryant

Creative expression through literature, film, dance, music, poetry, drama, or the visual arts is a powerful form of communication. 

The Department of English and Cultural Studies offers courses that allow exploration of the deeper meanings of these forms to cultivate the understanding and skills critical to success in a complex, multicultural world. Through this investigation, students learn to think beyond their own experience and to understand how their ideas and actions shape the world they live in. 

The department offers a Bachelor of Arts with a major in Literary and Cultural Studies, as well as a variety of concentrations and minors.

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Presidential election 2016: A learning experience for all

For many Bryant faculty members whose expertise includes the political arena, the 2016 presidential election is a living teaching lab.

Jillian Bonafede '15: Gaining confidence through campus engagement

Leadership opportunities and SIE transformed a "totally lost" teen into a confident grad who will begin her career as a Cigna benefit analyst.

Stephanie Griffith '13: Survey of campus attitudes

Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies and Hochberg Women's Center resources led her to research campus climate as it relates to homophobia, LGBTQ issues.

Majoring in Literary and Cultural Studies

Students pursing this major learn about the music, literature, art, and cultural practices of their own community as well as others. They engage in creative expression through language, performance studies, creative writing and other forms. Students develop creative skills as they learn to see themselves as agents whose actions shape the world they live in.

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Concentrations and Minors

The department offers concentrations in Creative and Applied Arts, Literary and Cultural Studies, Literature, and Media and Cultural Studies. Minors are offered in Literary and Cultural Studies, Literature, and Media and Cultural Studies.  Faculty within the department also teach courses that are components of several interdisciplinary concentrations .

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Our Faculty

Our faculty include prominent scholars, teachers, and practitioners, and the former poet laureate of Rhode Island. They bring their expertise to bear in research, publishing, consulting, and community service, and personally guide students who seek internships, admission to graduate programs, and careers that rely on communication skills cultivated by the department.

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