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Aaron Bonsu '20


Las Vegas, NV

Major Politics and Law
Minor Human Resource ManagementCommunication

As a Politics and Law major, this aspiring policy advisor explores intersections and makes connections to find his unique voice.

Aaron Bonsu ’20 is interested in connections – between politics and business, between ethics and sport, and between management and law. That’s why he’s a Politics and Law major.

“The great thing about Politics and Law is that it brings in almost everything," he says. "You need communication skills, an understanding of how things work, and the critical thinking skills to understand all sorts of subjects, even ones that are new to you.”

It also means making sure that ethics is at the core of everything you do. An ethical core "was instilled in me by my parents" and is reinforced here at Bryant. "You always need to be assessing what you’re doing to help others,” says Bonsu. “What are you doing to improve other people’s lives?”

That question in part led to Bonsu to develop “Political Preoccupations,” a Politics and Law blog, as part of a directed study. “I think it’s important to give students and young people a voice," says Bonsu, “especially when they can back that voice up with facts.”

The blog was created under the guidance of Associate Professor of History and Social Sciences Richard Holtzman, Ph.D. “I took one of his classes my freshman year and it made me realize just how fun a college class can be,” says Bonsu. “He’s a great mentor. He’ll always support you but he’ll always be honest with you, too.”

Bonsu combines his studies in politics with a passion for sports and hopes to one day become a sports policy advisor. “I want to help governments better understand how sports impact policy, and how politics impact sports,” he says, pointing to a recent research project he did regarding politics and the Olympic Games. “How do we ensure fairness, the balance between people, the assurance that the people in charge should actually be trusted?”

In the meantime, he’s continuing his advocacy in a variety of ways, including hosting sports shows on WJMF radio. “It's really fun, especially when you do it with a friend,” he says. “You get to show your passion and show your love – just literally let it out."

Real World Experience

Academic Organizations

Marketing Committee Chair, Bryant University Honors Program
• Part of the council assisting with the operations of the Bryant University Honors Program.
• Conducts alumni and student interviews, develops graphics for social media and posters, and edits the program’s newsletter

Presenter, Bryant University Research and Engagement Day
• Presented research regarding the political justifications used by countries to host the Olympic Games

Campus Media

Host, WJMF Radio
• Hosts two programs on Bryant University’s campus radio station
• Co-host of Crossbar Friday, which discusses international soccer and hosts Bryant SportsDay, a forum for general sports news and debate

Student Editor and Co-creator, Political Preoccupations
• Created a blog dedicated to showing students’ perspective on national and international political issues

Academic Competitions

Public Speaking Colloquium
• 2018 Finalist in Bryant University’s annual speech contest

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