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  • Michele Etzold
  • Tanya M. Jones
  • Diane M. Larsen
  • Jacob Lewtan
  • Jennifer Mier
  • Maha Mitrelis
  • Stephen Pascarella
  • Anthony Pencek
Krumwiede, Tim

Tim G. Krumwiede

Professor, Accounting
Faculty Suite K, Room 204
Ph D, Texas Tech University
MS, Texas Tech University
BBA, Cleveland State University

Financial Reporting I, Financial Reporting II, and Financial Accounting Theory

Current topics in financial reporting, income tax, accounting for income taxes, and investments

  • American Accounting Association
  • American Institute of Certified Public Accountants
  • 2017, MPAc Teaching Award
  • 2012, Faculty Member of the Year
  • 2008, Max Block Distinguished Article Award, 'Mortgage-Backed Securities and Fair-Value Accounting'
  • 2006, Best Paper Award, 'First Motors Corporation: A Classroom Case on Impairments'
  • 2006, Best Paper Award, 'Geographical Equity Effects of the Homeowner Tax Subsidy'
  • 2001, Faculty Advisor of the Year
  • 1992, Oustanding Doctoral Instructor
  • 1988, Burke Doctoral Fellowship
  • 1984, Peat Marwick Scholarship

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