Lawrence Witner

Lawrence H. Witner

Associate Professor, Accounting; B.A. Kenyon College; J.D. University of Akron School of Law; LL.M. George Washington University; C.P.A.

LLM, George Washington University Law School

JD, University of Akron School of Law

BA, Kenyon College

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Sabbatical, 2014

Merit Award, 2014

Merit Award, 2011

Merit Award, 2008

Article of the Year Award, 2007

Merit Award, 2006

Merit Award, 1993

Taxation of Partnerships, Taxation of Property Transactions, Federal Individual Income Tax, Principles of Financial Accounting

Taxation of Partnerships, Taxation of Property Transactions, Individual Income Tax

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American Institute of CPAs

Bar Association of Maryland

Bar Association of Ohio

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Beta Gamma Sigma Honor Society

Ohio Society of CPAs