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Department Faculty

Adjunct Professors

Zheng, Xiaochuan

Xiaochuan Zheng

Associate Professor, Accounting
Faculty Suite J, Room 107

Xiao received his PhD from Drexel University. His research activities focus on the role of financial reporting in capital markets, corporate governance and financial reporting quality.

AIS, Financial Accounting

Audit Markets, Accounting Information Systems, Corporate Governance, Financial Reporting Quality

  • American Accounting Association
  • 2017, Outstanding Faculty Contributions to Research
  • 2017, Research Merit Award
  • 2015, Research Merit Award
  • 2014, PWC INQuires Grant
  • 2013, NASBA Accounting Education Research Grant
  • 2013, Outstanding Author Contribution Award
  • 2013, Research Merit Award
  • 2007, Teaching Award
  • 2005, AAA Doctoral Consortium Fellow
  • 2003, Phi Kappa Phi
  • 2002, Honors Fellowship

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