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Dana Barlow: Surviving and thriving by adjusting and adapting

Dana Barlow headshotAs a Bryant undergraduate, Dana Barlow heeded the advice of a family friend and CPA to study accounting. “He told me with accounting, you can branch off into many different areas because you will have the knowledge and understanding of how numbers work and are put together,” recalls Barlow.

He joined The Moore Company as a temp credit manager. Today, he's president and CEO of The Moore Company.

The wisdom of Barlow’s choice has been proven many times over in his 39-year career with The Moore Company. A family-owned enterprise founded in 1909, The Moore Company has grown into a diverse group of manufacturers that supply specialized elastics and textiles to the world’s top brands in healthcare disposables, apparel, sporting goods, and maritime products. Four divisions with specialized manufacturing facilities in Rhode Island, Vermont, Tennessee, and El Salvador share customer service, technical, sales and marketing, research and development, and management functions and expertise.

Barlow responded to a job posting for a general accountant through Bryant’s career center. Eight months later, he was asked to “temporarily” assume the credit manager’s job. He spent 12 years in that position and today is the president and CEO of the company.

Barlow believes that good leaders listen to their people. “Leaders don’t have all the answers. A good leader listens to the people around them. We have a tremendous work force with a lot of knowledge and many years of experience in our industry,” says Barlow. “I’m proud that, with my team, we have been able to guide and steer the Darlington warp-knit textile company through some very difficult times. It’s been a tough environment. We’ve survived and thrived by adjusting and adapting. We’re succeeding in our original business in 2017.”

Barlow credits the success of any business endeavor to a simple principle, enunciated by a favorite Bryant professor. “The most important thing in a company is that the company has to be successful and profitable.” For Barlow and the employees he leads, that means, “You work very hard to be good at what you do, to prove yourself as a valuable resource to your employer every day. Every employee has to ask themselves every day, ‘What can I do to help my company be successful?’”