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David N. Ricchiute ’70, DBA: Committed to the field of accountancy

David RicchiuteDavid N. Ricchiute ’70, DBA, is grateful to Bryant. “Bryant gave me the professional and educational foundation essential for graduate study and for academic research in an applied science: accounting.” His many awards, publications, and consultancies demonstrate Ricchiute’s commitment to the field.

The Deloitte Professor of Accountancy since 1995 at the University of Notre Dame, in South Bend, Indiana, Ricchiute discovered his calling when he was an undergraduate. “Bryant awakened me to a professional career that became my life's work, and exposed me to teachers in the humanities, mathematics, and accounting who struck me as teachers' teachers the same way we think of a writer's writer or an actor's actor. They were as good as anyone I've witnessed since.”

"Bryant awakened me to a professional career that became my life's work."

What did Ricchiute, recipient of Notre Dame’s Mendoza College of Business Outstanding Undergraduate Teacher of the Year Award (thrice) and its Master of Science in Accountancy Outstanding Teacher of the Year (twice), learn from those Bryant professors?

“It was about watching them behave in a way that seemed entirely authentic. Outstanding professors at research universities bring to their teaching the same level of scholarship they bring to their research.” Now exclusively teaching graduate courses, Ricchiute, who earned his doctorate in business administration from the University of Kentucky, taught undergraduate and graduate level accountancy courses for several years. 

His research on professional judgment and decision-making has been widely published in the The Accounting Review, the Journal of Applied Psychology, and the Journal of Experimental Psychology, among others. Formerly on Price Waterhouse’s (now PwC) audit staff and a visiting professor at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, Ricchiute has provided his expertise to national accountancy organizations, public companies, and public accounting firms. 

The husband, father of two, and grandfather of five encouraged Bryant students, “Be proud of your Bryant education. Graduate business schools think much of what a Bryant undergrad offers.”

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