Applied Psychology

An understanding of psychology can be applied to every aspect of professional and personal life. The Department of Applied Psychology offers courses that provide a deep understanding of the self, other people, and how to apply that knowledge to a broad range of professional fields.


Rinier, Keith

Keith Rinier

Adjunct Professor, Applied Psychology

Educated in clinical social work, statistics, and applied psychological methods, I approach coursework from a position of social cognizance and engage topics for their contextualization - derivation and application to the present. I am a practice professional with clinical and administrative experience with Children, Families, Incarcerated, Veterans, and the Elderly; namely, with populations who are dependent on tailored service provision. Additionally, I am an active academic who is interested in the study of philosophy of science, applied research methods, policy review, development across the lifespan, and clinical best practice from a systems perspective. Furthermore, I am an ardent supporter of student and professional development, and I currently supervise undergraduate and graduate student interns from various colleges in my workplace.