Applied Psychology

An understanding of psychology can be applied to every aspect of professional and personal life. The Department of Applied Psychology offers courses that provide a deep understanding of the self, other people, and how to apply that knowledge to a broad range of professional fields.


Weinberger, Nanci

Nanci Weinberger

Professor, Applied Psychology
Faculty Suite J, Room 119

I have been on the faculty at Bryant University since 1990, arriving shortly after completing my Ph.D. in Experimental Psychology with a specialization in Child Development from Tufts University. I had previously earned an M.S. degree at Tufts, a B.S. degree in Child and the Community from Lesley College and an A.A.S degree in Nursery Education from State University of New York at Cobleskill. My interest in children and child development began early and was modeled by my dad who was known to make funny faces and ask silly questions to any child he would happen to meet. Children delight and amaze me to this day. I’m lucky enough to be able to do some volunteer work with children at Hasbro children’s hospital and The Hole in the Wall Gang Camp.