Christopher Reid

Christopher W. Reid

My interests lie at the interface of chemistry and microbiology. During my sophomore year i discovered my interest in chemistry through my introductory organic chemistry and physical chemistry courses. This interest was later fused with biology and in particular microbiology by the time I finished my undergraduate degree. I moved to the University of Waterloo to complete a MSc in chemistry studying non-natural amino acid and peptide synthesis. It is during this time that I was introduced to biological mass spectrometry, a discipline that has followed be ever since. I then moved to the University of Guelph where I completed a PhD in the lab of Dr. Anthony Clarke. It is here that I developed my interest in carbohydrate chemistry, glycobiology, and carbohydrate recognition. I thoroughly enjoyed my time as a graduate student and looked to expand on my interests in biological mass spectrometry and glycobiology at the National Research Council (NRC) in Ottawa Canada. While working in the group of Dr. Christine Szymanski I developed mass spectrometry tools for glycobiology, specifically in the analysis of lipid-linked oligosaccharides of N-linked protein glycosylation biosynthetic pathways. The resulting methodology was an enabling technology for glycoengineering efforts in bacteria. As an assistant research officer at the NRC I worked on microbial glycomics projects in the pathogen Clostridium difficile and small molecule discovery program for anti-virulence compounds in Helicobacter pylori. Here at Bryant, I have returned to investigating bacterial carbohydrate acting enzymes involved in Gram positive peptidoglycan metabolism and the identification of small molecule inhibitors of these enzymes as chemical biology tools and antimicrobials.

Ph D, University of Guelph

M Sc, University of Waterloo

B Sc, Laurentian University