The Department of Communication's undergraduate and graduate academic programs embrace a common mission: to fortify the intellectual and social skills necessary for effective human communication. The focus is on oral, written, and mediated communication skills that are essential in both professional and personal lives.


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  • Walter Franco
  • Mary Ann Gallo
  • Lisa Hunter-Mason
  • Michael Montecalvo
  • Dana Nolfe
  • Adam Olenn
  • Leslie Saylor
Pearce, Kevin

Kevin Pearce

Associate Professor, Communication
Faculty Suite F, Room 2407
MBA, University of Rhode Island
Ph D, Kent State University
MA, San Diego State University
BA, San Jose State University

My teaching interests include Research Methods, Intercultural Communication, Global Communication, and Mass Communication.

New Communication Technology, Mediated Interpersonal Communication, Mass Communication, Family Communication, Media Literacy

  • Eastern Communication Association
  • International Communication Association
  • National Communication Association
  • Excellence in Teaching Award
  • Outstanding Service Award
  • Teaching Award
  • 2004, NATPE Educational Grant

Pearce, K., Baran, S., Foregrounding Morality: Encouraging Parental Media Literacy Intervention Using the TARES Test for Ethical Persuasion, Journal of Media Literacy Education, 2019.