The Department of Communication's undergraduate and graduate academic programs embrace a common mission: to fortify the intellectual and social skills necessary for effective human communication. The focus is on oral, written, and mediated communication skills that are essential in both professional and personal lives.


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Baran, Stanley

Stanley Baran

Professor, Communication
Faculty Suite H, Room 2203

Stanley Baran founded the Department of Communication, which has graduated over 500 students since 2002. 

In his 40-year career, Baran has published on topics ranging from television violence to online journalism. His book Mass Communication Theory: Foundations, Ferment, and Future is in its seventh edition and available in Chinese, Japanese, Polish, and Dutch. A former Fulbright Scholar, Baran has traveled overseas to teach from his textbook.

Media literacy is a passion. One hundred hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute, and 50 million blogs are active – facts that compel Baran to believe that the tools of media literacy are needed more than ever.

“More and more, what we know about ourselves and the world is mediated through television, the Internet, and social media,” he said. “More and more, we are not the audience, but the product being sold to advertisers.”

His advice on media savvy is simple: “Be smart. Be critical Be your own person.”

Like many Bryant faculty, Baran appreciates the personal relationships he forges with students, who often come to him for writing and editing advice on papers, job applications, and essays. Baran also appreciates the University’s focus on business.

“Every communication major will go into a business environment – even if they’re working at a nonprofit,” he said. “At Bryant, you get that real-world background.”

Communication Theory Mass Communication Effects

Mass Media and Social Construction of Reality, Development and Improvement of Media Literacy Skills, Empirical/quantitative Research in Mass Communication

  • International Communication Association
  • National Association of Media Literacy Education
  • Amoco Teaching Excellence Award
  • Broadcast Preceptor Award for Excellence in the Literature of Mass Communication
  • Emmy Award Nomination
  • President's Scholar
  • Senior Fulbright Scholar, Germany
  • 2015, Sabbatical
  • 2015, Bryant University Merit Award
  • 2014, Understanding China Fellowship
  • 2014, Award for Outstanding Service

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