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William Tondo ’19 breaks news, makes connections

Majors: Marketing, Finance
Minor: Communication
Hometown: Southold, NY
Path: Editor-in-chief of The Archway

William Tondo As editor-in-chief of The Archway, Bryant’s student-run newspaper, William Tondo ’19 has his finger on the pulse of the campus. Sometimes, however, even he’s surprised by how much is going on.

Bryant's close-knit community of faculty and students offers a surprising "big-school atmosphere."

“I didn’t realize how exciting it would be to be the newspaper editor here. There’s always something happening,” Tondo says. “I’ve had the chance to cover so many interesting things and meet a lot of great people who’ve been invited to campus" – including zookeeper Jack Hanna, actor Jodie Sweetin, entrepreneur and Shark Tank investor Kevin Harrington, and Ohio Gov. John Kasich, who made Bryant a campaign stop in his pursuit of the 2016 Republican presidential nomination. 

“Bryant offers you so many opportunities,” he says. “There’s so much to take in.”

“A community like no other”

Tondo originally wanted to attend a big school. “You know the type,” he says, “something with 15,000 people and that ‘big school’ atmosphere.”

That changed when, at his mother’s suggestion, he came to Bryant for a visit. “The second I stepped on campus I absolutely fell in love,” he admits. “After talking with the students, I knew I was going to succeed here, not only socially and academically" but for the long term too.

Tondo discovered that Bryant’s close community allowed him to cultivate relationships with his professors and fellow students. “This is a community like no other,” he says. “If you’re having a bad day, there’s always someone ... to help cheer you up. People know you here.”

Those personal connections also aided Tondo in developing his academic path. He knew he wanted to be in business "and this was a great school for that, but I had some questions about what I wanted to study.” After talking with his professors and exploring different areas through the First-Year Gateway Experience, particularly the Global Foundations of Organizations and Business (GFOB) course, he settled on majors in Marketing and Finance and a minor in Communication . Ultimately, he hopes to become a CEO and to own and operate his own business.

“The professors here are incredible,” he says. “They’re such a great resource, and they’ve been there to help me right from the start.” In particular, Associate Prof. of Management Diya Das, his GFOB instructor, "introduced me to so many new ideas and made me excited to see what else would be in my future at Bryant.”

Making news

Tondo has also set out to make his mark on campus. The editor of his high school paper, he quickly signed up to write for Bryant’s student newspaper. “I love photography and I love to write,” he says, “so The Archway made sense.”

Over the course of his first year, he began to take on more responsibilities. That commitment and willingness to learn led to a position as The Archway’s editor-in-chief, a rare achievement for a sophomore. Tondo says that the job is a great fit for his skillset. “I like to lead, but I also like to hear other people’s opinions and be a mediator,” he says. “It can be a lot of work, but it’s worth it seeing the finished product and knowing that other people will pick it up and read it.”

Tondo devotes that same dedication to his role as Director of Alumni Relations for Bryant’s award-winning Collegiate Entrepreneurs Organization (CEO). He helps bring University alumni back to campus to network with students and offer insight about post-Bryant life.

As a sophomore, he still has time to figure out his career path. “I have a lot of options,” Tondo says. “I could go for a law degree, or an MBA or I could go directly into the workforce. I think I’ll be prepared for any of those.

“Whatever I do” he says. “I’m going to work as hard as possible to get to the top.”