The study of economics provides students with an opportunity to understand the most important aspects of modern societies such as the global economy, production decisions, income distribution, consumption of goods and services, government’s role and the interaction between households and businesses.


Bates, Laurie

Laurie J. Bates

Ph D, University of Connecticut
MA, University of Connecticut
BA, University of Connecticut

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Beaudin, Laura

Laura Beth Beaudin

Ph D, University of New Hampshire
MA, University of New Hampshire
BA, Saint Michael's College
BS, Saint Michael's College

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Berdiev, Aziz

Aziz N. Berdiev

Ph D, University of Kentucky

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Kim, Jongsung

Jongsung Kim

Ph D, The Johns Hopkins University
MA, Kyung Hee University
BA, Kyung Hee University

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Mirmirani, Sam

Sam Mirmirani

Ph D, Clark University
MA, Clark University
MS, University of Dallas
BS, National University of Iran

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Mohan, Ramesh

Ramesh Mohan

Ph D, Kansas State University
M Sc, University of Malaya
BA, University of Malaya

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Pan, Xiaofei

Xiaofei Pan

Ph D, George Mason University
MA, George Mason University
BA, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics

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Joseph Shaanan

Ph D, Cornell University
MA, Cornell University
BA, Temple University

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Tebaldi, Edinaldo

Edinaldo Tebaldi

Ph D, University of New Hampshire
MA, University of New Hampshire
MA, Federal University of Ceará, Brazil
BA, State University of Maringá, Brazil

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Adjunct Faculty

Paul H Boisvert
Christopher Briggs
Robert Jones
Mary Joyce
Robert Nigohosian
Victoria Stedman
Richard Wakefield