The study of economics provides students with an opportunity to understand the most important aspects of modern societies such as the global economy, production decisions, income distribution, consumption of goods and services, government’s role and the interaction between households and businesses.


Department Faculty

Adjunct Professors

Berdiev, Aziz

Aziz N. Berdiev

Assistant Professor, Economics
Faculty Suite J, Room 144

Principles of Macroeconomics, Money and Banking, Economics of Social Issues, Intermediate Macroeconomics, Econometrics, Fed Challenge

Macroeconomics, Political Economy, International Trade and Finance

  • American Economic Association
  • Eastern Economic Association
  • Western Economic Association
  • 2017, Merit Award, Bryant University
  • 2015, Merit Award, Bryant University
  • 2013, Merit Award, Bryant University

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Berdiev, A., Chang, C., Business Cycle Synchronization in Asia-Pacific: New Evidence from Wavelet Analysis, Journal of Asian Economics, 2015.

Berdiev, A., Pasquesi-Hill, C., Saunoris, J. W., Exploring the dynamics of the shadow economy across US states, Applied Economics, 2015.

Chang, C., Berdiev, A., Do Natural Disasters Increase the Likelihood that a Government is Replaced?, Applied Economics, 2015.