Laura Beth Beaudin

Laura Beth Beaudin

Associate Professor, Economics, Ph.D., M.A., University of New Hampshire; B.A., St. Michael’s College

Ph D, University of New Hampshire

MA, University of New Hampshire

BA, Saint Michael's College

BS, Saint Michael's College

Skaza, J.,Beaudin, L., Measuring the total impact of demographic and behavioral factors on the risk of obesity accounting for depression status: a structural model approach using New BMI, Applied Economics/Taylor and Francis.

Tebaldi, E.,Beaudin, L., Climate change and economic growth in Brazil, Applied Economics Letter, 2015.

Beaudin, L., Examining the relationship between academic performance and work place position: Does the glass ceiling exist among graduates from the same university., Applied Economic Letters.

Beaudin, L., Examining the relationship between athletic program expenditure and athletic program success among NCAA Division I institutions: A dynamic panel data approach., Journal of Sports Economics.

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Beaudin, L.,Vasquez, W., On the use of hypothetical price data to estimate hedonic models in a developing country context, .

Huang, J.,Beaudin, L., Weather Conditions and Outdoor Recreation: A Study of New England Ski Areas, Ecological Economics.

Ketcham, D.,Beaudin, L.,Nigro, P.,Roberto, M., Does Student Performance in Introductory Economics and Business Courses Impact ETS Scores?, Journal of Business and Economic Studies.

Roberto, M.,Nigro, P.,Beaudin, L.,Ketcham, D., Examining the Gender and Minority Test Score Gap on the MFT-B: A Blinder-Oaxaca Decomposition Approach, Journal of Education For Business.

Beaudin, L., Preferences for sea level rise adaptation: A contingent valuation study in Rio de Janeiro State, Brazil., , 2022.

Beaudin, L.,Berdiev, A., The cost of winning: Does athletic expenditure impact the probability that teams advance to the NCAA Division I Basketball Tournament? A comparison of men’s and women’s outcomes, Applied Economics, 2022.

Tebaldi, E.,Beaudin, L.,Hunter, J., Re-assessing the impact of academic performance on salary level and growth., Applied Economics Letters, 2016.

Faculty Mentor of the Year, 2020

Faculty Innovation Grant, 2019

Excellence in Teaching Award, 2017

Merit Award, 2017

Parity Award, 2017

Inducted Member of Omicron Delta Kappa, 2017

Honorary Coach, 2017

Faculty Innovation Grant, 2016

Best Paper Award, 2014

Invited Speaker, 2014

Research Methods in Economics
Intermediate Microeconomics
Environmental Economics

Economics of Tourism
Environmental Economics and Climate Change
Sports Economics
Topics in Inequality

North American Association of Sports Economists

Western Economic Association International

Southern Economic Association

Eastern Economic Association