The study of economics provides students with an opportunity to understand the most important aspects of modern societies such as the global economy, production decisions, income distribution, consumption of goods and services, government’s role and the interaction between households and businesses.


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  • Paul H Boisvert
  • Christopher Briggs
  • Robert Jones
  • Mary Joyce
  • Robert Nigohosian
  • Victoria Stedman
  • Richard Wakefield
Mohan, Ramesh

Ramesh Mohan

Professor, Economics
Faculty Suite F, Room 2405
Ph D, Kansas State University
M Sc, University of Malaya
BA, University of Malaya

Introductory/Intermediate Macroeconomics Capstone Economics Seminar Analytical Data Analysis Tool for Economic Consulting Business and Economics of European Union Applied Macroeconomics: Case Studies Economic Growth & Technological Change Economics of Innovation, ICT and Internet MBA Managerial Economics MBA Global Business Environment MBA Analytical Tools for Managers

Economic Growth, Economics of Education, Macroeconomic Issues of Developing Countries, Economics of Innovation, ICT and the Internet

  • American Economic Association
  • Associate Editor, British Journal of Management, Economics and Trade
  • Malaysian Economic Association
  • Southern Economic Association
  • Omicron Delta Epsilon International Economics Honor Society
  • Omicron Delta Kappa, Bryant's Leadership Honor Society
  • 2018, Merit Award for Teaching, Service & Scholarship
  • 2015, Merit Award for Teaching, Scholarship and Service
  • 2013, Merit Award for Teaching, Scholarship and Service
  • 2011, Merit Award for Teaching, Service and Scholarship
  • 2009, Merit Award for Teaching, Service and Scholarship
  • 2007, Merit Award for Teaching
  • 2002, William L. Stamey Undergraduate Teaching Excellence Award
  • 2001, Department of Economics Teaching Excellence Award

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