The study of economics provides students with an opportunity to understand the most important aspects of modern societies such as the global economy, production decisions, income distribution, consumption of goods and services, government’s role and the interaction between households and businesses.


Corporate, alumni gifts enhance teaching and learning in Department of Economics

Edinaldo Tebaldi“Income inequality” isn’t just an election year catch-phrase for Edinaldo Tebaldi, Ph.D., associate professor of economics at Bryant University. It’s a global issue he has focused on for years in his academic research and teaching. It’s also an area of study at Bryant that has been significantly enhanced by gifts from corporate and alumni supporters of Expanding the World of Opportunity: The Campaign for Bryant’s Bold Future

Tebaldi is the recipient of a 2016 Santander Faculty Research Collaboration Award which supports his work with Dr. Joilson Dias at the Universidade Estadual de Maringa in Brazil. Santander is one of the country’s top retail banks and a subsidiary of one of the world’s most respected banking groups. Through its local affiliates, Banco Santander is the largest corporate contributor to higher education in the world, investing over $165 million annually in colleges and universities across more than 20 countries.

“The Santander grant is a phenomenal opportunity to foster collaboration with researchers from other institutions overseas,” explains Tebaldi. This grant supported his recent visit to work with Dr. Dias in Brazil. There he had an opportunity to assess the multi-pronged approach to economic inequality he is developing with his co-author; Brazil suffers from some of the most stark income inequality in the world. 

"I bring what I have learned to my classes and share that experience with my students. That wouldn't be possible without the Santander support.”

Tebaldi is enthusiastic about the benefits Santander’s cross-cultural research opportunity will provide to his students. “I can learn from what my peers are doing there. I can use their data. I will bring what I have learned to my classes and share that experience with my students. That wouldn't be possible without the Santander support.”

Tebaldi’s commitment to teaching and research also finds expression in his devotion to mentoring students. Widely recognized for the guidance, inspiration, and connections he provides to his students, he was a natural choice to serve as the director of the new Bryant Scholars initiative. This comprehensive program of faculty support and other resources prepares top students to compete for Fulbright, Truman, Marshall, and Rhodes scholarships.

“I am thrilled to have the opportunity to mentor students who want to pursue prestigious fellowships," explains Tebaldi. “Teaching, research, and mentoring are part of a symbiotic relationship that enhances each student’s learning, experiences, and professional growth. We are setting the stage for a much richer and exciting college experience.”

Tebaldi previously served as the first coordinator of Bryant’s Center for Global and Regional Economic Studies,which benefits from a $25,000 gift to the center and the Economics program from Eric Handa ’97. Handa’s five-year, $75,000 pledge to the campaign will support three areas that impacted his own college experience and shaped his successful career in international telecommunications: economics, international study, and athletics. 

“We bring guest speakers to present their research and engage with our students,” explains Tebaldi. “We send our students to present their own research at conferences and develop networking opportunities. We buy data and software. That all allows students to build expertise and knowledge that wouldn't be possible without those contributions.”

These generous corporate and individual donations support two of the pillars of the campaign. The gifts provide resources that help Bryant students cultivate a global perspective and promote teaching excellence through people and programs that enrich learning.