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The teaching and research provided through our department focus upon the critical interpretation, social and historical context, and creative expression of literature and culture. The department cultivates the understanding and skills critical to participation and success in a complex, multicultural and global world.


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Roach, Thomas

Thomas John Roach

Professor, English and Cultural Studies
Faculty Suite G, Room 454
Ph D, University of Minnesota
MA, University of Minnesota
BA, Boston College

Gender and Sexuality Studies, Continental Philosophy, Cultural Studies, Social Media

Gender and Sexuality Studies, Continental Philosophy, Cultural Studies, Social Media

  • Modern Language Association
  • Society for Cinema and Media Studies
  • 2016, Bryant University Merit Award
  • 2016, The TOBY Award

Roach, T., "Ridding Oneself of Mad Masters", GLQ: A Journal of Lesbian and Gay Studies, 2016.

Roach, T., “Becoming Fungible: Queer Intimacies in Social Media.” , Qui Parle: Critical Humanities and Social Sciences , 2015.

Roach, T., "Cruel Queer Optimism", Cultural Critique, 2013.

Roach, T., Friendship as a Way of Life: Foucault, AIDS, and the Politics of Shared Estrangement, State University of New York Press, 2012.

Roach, T., Screen Love: Queer Intimacies in the Age of Social Media, State University of New York Press.

Roach, T., “Shut Me Up in Grindr: Anticonfessional Discourse and Sensual Nonsense in MSM Media” , McGill-Queens University Press, 2018.

Roach, T., "Murderous Friends: Homosocial Excess in Alfred Hitchcock's Rope (1948) and Gus Van Sant's Elephant (2003)" , The Quarterly Review of Film and Video, 2012.