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Drea Brown

drea brown is a queer-black feminist-poet-scholar whose interdisciplinary and intersectional scholarship and teaching is embedded in the overlaps of the critical and creative. drea holds a BA in English and Creative Writing from Hollins College, an MFA in Poetry and Poetics and Masters Certificate in Women and Gender Studies from the University of Oregon, a PhD in African and African Diaspora Studies and a Doctoral Certificate in Women Gender and Sexuality Studies from the University of Texas at Austin where she was the inaugural graduate of the PhD program.

Ph D, University of Texas at Austin

MFA, University of Oregon

BA, Hollins University

Brown, D., "Conjuring the Ghost: A Call and Response to Haints", Hypatia Journal of Feminist Philosophy.

Brown, D., Teaching Black: The Craft of Teaching Black Life and Black Literature, University of Pittsburgh Press, 2021.

Brown, D., "A Poem that Would Not Let Me Go: Finding Kinship in Phillis Wheatley", Zocalo Public Square, 2020.

Merit Award, 2020

Black Studies, with an emphasis on black women's literature and literary traditions, black feminism, poetry and poetics, women, gender and sexuality studies

Black women's poetry and poetics with an emphasis on black women's elegies, haunting and the spectral, mourning and melancholia

National Center for Faculty Development and Diversity

The Diaspora Project


African American Literature and Culture Society

North East Modern Language Socity

National Women's Studies Association

Cave Canem