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Ryan Marnane

Ryan Marnane, Lecturer for the Department of English and Cultural Studies, received his PhD in Interdisciplinary Humanities from Salve Regina University in 2018. His research and teaching interests are interdisciplinary, drawing on literary studies, philosophy and history of technology, media studies, and the environmental humanities. He has published with the Journal of Ecocriticism, Harvard University’s Nieman Storyboard Magazine, Punctum Books Press, and has forthcoming publications in Humanities and Technology Review and the journal of Literary Journalism Studies, respectively. In addition to teaching at Bryant since 2015, Marnane has held the position of Associate Lecturer in English at the University of Massachusetts Boston as well as Instructor of Humanities with Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Office of Engineering Outreach Programs. At Bryant, Marnane teaches Writing Workshop, Introduction to Literary Studies, Introduction to the Environmental Humanities, Contemporary and Experimental Literature, Studies in Narrative, and—beginning Spring 2020—LCS-461: The Image of Business in Literature.

Ph D, Salve Regina University

MA, Salve Regina University

BA, Providence College

Faculty Innovation Grant, 2019

Interdisciplinary literary studies, the environmental humanities and environmental justice, digital humanities and electronic literature, narrative theory, studies in nonfiction, English composition

Ecocriticism and environmental justice, literary journalism and new media, literary sound studies, interdisciplinary and experimental pedagogies

Modern Language Association

Northeast Modern Language Association

International Association for Literary Journalism Studies

Humanities and Technology Association

Association for the Study of Literature and Environment