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Melissa Michal Slocum

Melissa Michal is of Seneca, Welsh, and English decent. Melissa focuses on education, trauma, and representation of Indigenous histories and literatures in curriculum. She received an NEH summer fellowship and has been grateful to read at the National American Indian Museum in DC and Amerind Museum in Dragoon, AZ. She has guest edited an issue of Transmotion focused on American Indian genocide and recently published an article in Presumed Incompetent II. These particular articles relate to her larger work on the question of genocide. She applies her community’s Haudenosaunee Good Mind in them, which becomes a model for not only what we should teach, but also how we combat erasure and genocide. Melissa has work appearing in The Florida Review, Arkana, Yellow Medicine Review, and others. Her short story collection, Living Along the Borderlines (2019), out with Feminist Press, was a finalist for the Louise Meriwether first book prize. Her first novel, Along the Hills, and non-fiction lyric essay collection, Broken Blood, are both finished. She is at work on a new dystopian novel.

Ph D, Arizona State University

MA, The Pennsylvania State University

MFA, Chatham University

Slocum, M. M., Healing from Micro-Aggressions, Abuse, and Racial Battle Fatigue, the Good Mind in Action, Utah State University Press, 2020.

Slocum, M. M., The Wait, Arkana, 2019.

Slocum, M. M., Living on the Borderlines, The Feminist Press, 2019.

Slocum, M. M., There Is No Question of American Indian Genocide, Transmotion, 2018.

Slocum, M. M., Indian Time, Yellow Medicine Review, 2015.

Slocum, M. M., A Native Woman Battles Neocolonialism and Werewolves in “Empire of Wild”, Electric Literature, 2020.

American Indian literature; ethnic literature; social justice; lyric non-fiction; contemporary fiction including literary fiction, fantasy, science fiction, horror, and mystery; education; trauma

Genocide; American Indian boarding schools; intergenerational trauma; inclusive curriculum; social justice activism; Haudenosaunee Studies

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Studies in American Indian Literature

Native American and Indigenous Studies Association

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