English and
Cultural Studies

The teaching and research provided through our department focus upon the critical interpretation, social and historical context, and creative expression of literature and culture. The department cultivates the understanding and skills critical to participation and success in a complex, multicultural and global world.


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Graves III, William

William Graves III

Associate Professor, English and Cultural Studies
Faculty Suite F, Room 2428
Ph D, Indiana University
MA, Indiana University
BA, University of Maryland

Global Anthropology, Discourse Analysis, Linguistic Anthropology

Intercultural Communication, Ethnography, Language and Communication, Social Construction of Technology, Discourse Analysis

  • American Anthropological Association
  • American Ethnological Society
  • Dobro Slovo National Slavic Studies Honor Society
  • Fulbright Alumni Association
  • Phi Kappa Phi
  • 2006, Fulbright Senior Specialist Award (Belarus)
  • 2002, Fulbright Scholar Award (Belarus)
  • 1995, CIBED Grant for Research on Russian Defense Conversion
  • 1993, (with W. Hill) Title VI Institutional Award for International Studies and Foreign Languages
  • 1991, Faculty Development Award for Summer Study in PRC
  • 1991, Institutional Grant for Development of Language/Learning Lab at Bryant University

Graves, W., On Prof. Schrag's Positive Critique of Postmodernism, Russian Journal of Communication, 2015.

Graves, W., Beyond Homo Sovieticus: Post-Soviet Subjectivities, Russian Journal of Communication.

Graves, W., Beyond the Limits of Language and Culture: Discourse Analysis in Ethnographic Praxis, Tver State University Press.

Graves, W., Global Souls and Local Minds: Time-Space Distanciation and the Construction of Identities, American Studies Yearbook 2010.

Graves, W., Language and Culture as Communicative Process: Language Ideologies and Social Meanings, Sovremennaya Kommunikativiska (Modern Communication Studies).

Graves, W., Religion and Language in Post-Soviet Russia, Russian Journal of Communication, 2014.

Graves, W., Graves' Contribution to Editor's Forum, Russian Journal of Communication, 2013.