Since virtually all business decisions have a financial dimension, an understanding of the financial implications of a decision is crucial for effective management. Our program, ranked No. 12 in the country by College Factual, helps Finance students develop a problem-solving, decision analysis framework centered around value creation and serving the consumer.


Department Faculty

Adjunct Professors

Ketcham, David

David C. Ketcham

Associate Professor, Finance
Faculty Suite G, Room 457

Financial Modeling, Corporate Finance Theory and Practice

Corporate Finance Theory, Capital Market Theory, Mutual Fund Performance, Financial Institutions, Dividend Policy

  • Academy of Business Education
  • Beta Gamma Sigma Honor Society
  • Financial Education Association
  • Financial Management Association
  • Bryant College Award for Outstanding College Service
  • Ossian R. MacKenzie Doctoral
  • Outstanding Contributions to Curriculum Development
  • Outstanding Dissertation in Investments
  • 2014, 12th Man Auard

Ketcham, D., Nigro, P., Roberto, M., Do Persistence and Passion Matter: Evidence from the Educational Testing Service (ETS) Major Field Exam in Business, Journal of Education for Business.

Ketcham, D., Nigro, P., Roberto, M., Student Perceptions and Learning Outcomes: Evidence From the Educational Testing Service (ETS) Major Field Test in Business, Journal of the Academy of Business Education.