Since virtually all business decisions have a financial dimension, an understanding of the financial implications of a decision is crucial for effective management. Our program, ranked No. 12 in the country by College Factual, and a Bloomberg Experiential Learning partner, helps Finance students develop a problem-solving, decision analysis framework centered around value creation and serving the consumer.


Department Faculty

Adjunct Professors

  • John Ashburne
  • Carlos Coutinho
  • Brendan Flaherty
  • Chris Goolgasian
  • Raymond R. Grigelevich
  • Vincent McCrystal
  • Joseph Santarlasci
Dowling, Maura

Maura Ann Dowling

Lecturer, Finance
Faculty Suite G, Room 2111
MA, SUNY Potsdam
CAGS, Bryant University
MA, Brown University
BA, SUNY Potsdam

Helping students understand concepts of the business and financial world from the classroom where they access highly ethical thinking framework - conventional to post-conventional.

Finance and Emotions, Diversity in Financial Firms, Chaos Modeling, Finance and Resource Depletion, Social Psychology of Firms, Fiduciary Portfolio Practices

  • Rotary International
  • American Creativity Association
  • Financial Planning Association
  • Certified Financial Planning Board
  • American Association of Individual Investors
  • Society for Organizational Learning
  • 2014, Creativity Fellows - co-Sponsor
  • 2014, Merit Award for Teaching
  • 2012, Creativity Fellowship
  • 1990, Ehrlich Fellowship
  • 1989, Pi Mu Epsilon Inductee

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