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Leila Zbib

Ph D, Washington State University

BBA, Lebanese International University

Kumar, S.,Zbib, L., Firm Performance during the Covid-19 Crisis: Does Managerial Ability Matter?, Finance Research Letters.

Zbib, L.,Amirkhani, K.,Fairhurst, D. J., Chalk It Up to Experience: CEO General Ability and Earnings Management, .

Zbib, L.,Asare, K., The generalist CEO pay premium and CEO risk aversion, .

Zbib, L.,Ascioglu, A.,Gonzalez, J., Analysis of Sustainability Reports for Top 20 Companies in the S&P 500 Index, The Journal of Impact of ESG Investing.

Financial Management, Financial Statement Analysis, Corporate Finance.

Corporate Finance, Merger and Acquisitions, Earnings Management, ESG and sustainability reporting, CEO and CFO Characteristics: Managerial Ability, Gender Diversity/