History and
Social Sciences

The faculty and students within our multidisciplinary department advance the study and practice of history and the social sciences through teaching, research, and outreach. Our research generates knowledge rooted in historical and social scientific approaches to the study of the human condition.


Alidadi, Katayoun

Katayoun Alidadi

Ph D, KU Leuven
LLM, Harvard Law School
MS, KU Leuven

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Barrett Litoff, Judy

Judy Barrett Litoff

Ph D, University of Maine
MA, Emory University
BA, Emory University

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Boggio, Andrea

Andrea Boggio

JSD, Stanford Law School
JSM, Stanford Law School
LLD, Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Italy

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Bornstein, Ilisabeth

Ilisabeth Bornstein

JD, The University of Chicago Law School
BA, Yale University

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Bryant, Michael

Michael Scott Bryant

Ph D, The Ohio State University
MA, The Ohio State University
JD, Emory University
MTS, Candler School of Theology, Emory University
BA, The Ohio State University

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Carter, Gregg

Gregg Lee Carter

Ph D, Columbia University
M Phil, Columbia University
MA, Columbia University
BA, University of Nevada, Las Vegas

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Ciliberto, David

David John Ciliberto

Ph D, Northeastern University
MA, Northeastern University

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Copeland, Emily

Emily Copeland

Ph D, Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy

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Daly, Kathleen

Kathleen L. Daly

Ph D, Boston University
BA, Smith College

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Dietrich, John

John W. Dietrich

Ph D, Johns Hopkins University
MA, Johns Hopkins University
BA, University of Pennsylvania

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Enos, Sandra

Sandra Lee Enos

Ph D, University of Connecticut
MA, Brown University
BA, Rhode Island College

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Estey, James

James Roy Estey

MA, Brown University
MAT, Brown University
BA, Cornell University

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Freiner, Nicole

Nicole Lynn Freiner

Ph D, Colorado State University
MA, Colorado State University
BA, Alfred University

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Hall, Colten

Colten Ward Hall

JD, American University Washington College of Law
MA, American University School of International Service
BA, University of California at Santa Barbara

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Holtzman, Richard

Richard Holtzman

Ph D, University of Texas at Austin
BA, University of California, San Diego

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Joseph, Antoine

Antoine L. Joseph

Ph D, University of Chicago
BA, Swarthmore College

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Lokken, Paul

Paul Lokken

Ph D, University of Florida
MA, University of Saskatchewan
BA, University of Saskatchewan

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Martin, Bradford

Bradford Martin

Ph D, Boston University
MA, University of Massachusetts/Boston
BA, Yale University

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McDonnell, Judith

Judith McDonnell

Ph D, Brown University
MA, Brown University
BA, Cornell University

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Washburn, Ronald

Ronald Washburn

JD, New England School of Law
BA, Mount Saint Lary College

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Adjunct Faculty

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