Nicole Freiner

Nicole Lynn Freiner

Nicole L. Freiner is Associate Professor of Political Science at Bryant University. Her research and teaching interests are foremost in the fields of Comparative Politics and Environmental Politics and Policy. Her most recent single author book, published by Springer (2018) entitled: Rice and Agricultural Policies in Japan: The Loss of a Traditional Lifestyle, examines rice farming, recent agricultural policies and food sovereignty issues in Japan through the use of qualitative interviews.

Ph D, Colorado State University

MA, Colorado State University

BA, Alfred University

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Nominee, Best Faculty Paper Award, 2019

Merit Pay Award, 2019

Merit Pay Award, 2017

Summer Scholar Award, NEH, 2015

Merit Pay Award, 2014

ABD Fellow, 2004

Asian Politics, Politics of Japan, Environmental Politics and Policy, Global Politics, Comparative Politics

Rice Farming and Rice Policy in Japan, Agricultural Policy, Asian Politics and Policy, Gender Politics, Comparative Politics

AAS (Association for Asian Studies)

APSA (American Political Science Association)

ASDP (Asian Studies Development Program)

JSA (Japan Studies Association)

New England Political Science Association

What Cheer Writer's Club

Japan Political Studies Group

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