Bradford Martin

Bradford Martin

Bradford Martin is Professor of History and the author of The Other Eighties: A Secret History of America in the Age of Reagan (2011) and The Theater Is in the Street: Politics and Public Performance in Sixties America (2004.)

He served as Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences from 2017-2020; Associate Dean of CAS from 2015-2016; and History Curriculum Coordinator and Program Coordinator within the Department of History and Social Sciences from 2004-2015.

He currently serves as New England Commission of Higher Education Accreditation Liaison Officer for Bryant University and Chair of the Faculty Development Committee.

Ph D, Boston University

MA, University of Massachusetts/Boston

BA, Yale University

Martin, B., "'This Country is Done': Fair Housing Discourse in Suburban Westcheter", Journal of Contemporary History.

Martin, B., "Musical Cultural Exchanges in the Age of Detente: Cultural Fixation, Trust, and the Permeability of Culture", .

Martin, B., "Musical Cultural Exchanges in the Age of Detente: Cultural Fixation, Trust, and the Permeability of Culture", Indiana University Press.

Martin, B., Musical Cultural Exchanges in the Age of Detente, Journal of Contemporary History.

Martin, B., “Refusing to Settle in Subcultural Accounts: Reaching the Multiple Audiences of Punk History,” Invited essay on Kevin Mattson, We're Not Here to Entertain: Punk Rock, Ronald Reagan, and the Real Culture War of 1980s America (Oxford University Press, 2020) for roundtable in US Intellectual History Journal (online), Fall 2022., U.S. Intellectual History, 2022.

Martin, B., "Beyond Narcissism: Politics and Popular Culture in the Age of Malaise", Wiley-Blackwell, 2013.

Bryant University Merit Award, 2014

Bryant University Merit Award, 2012

Bryant University Merit Award, 2010

Bryant University Merit Award, 2008

Bryant University Merit Award, 2006

Lois P. Rudnick Book Prize, 2005

Bryant University Merit Award, 2004

Clarimond Mansfield Award, 1999

Recent U.S. History and American Studies; "The U.S. in the 1970s and 1980s"; "The U.S. in the 1960s"; "History of American Popular Culture"; "The U.S. Since 1865"

Recent U.S. History, American Studies, Fair Housing and Residential Segregation, Popular Culture, Cultural and Intellectual History, Cold War Cultural Exchanges, Modernist and Postmodernist Art and Performance, Popular Music

American Historical Association

American Studies Association

New England American Studies Association

Organization of American Historians