Judith McDonnell

Judith McDonnell

McDonnell is a Professor of Sociology, the former Sociology Coordinator and the current Sport Studies Coordinator. She earned her doctoral degree in Sociology at Brown University and a bachelor’s degree at Cornell University. Teaching is her passion. Most of her courses focus on understanding social inequality and advancing social justice. Judith was one of the first faculty members to establish a sociology course on the HBO series (2003-2008) "The Wire."

Ph D, Brown University

MA, Brown University

BA, Cornell University

McDonnell, J., Manuscript review, .

McDonnell, J., Review of Nepali Migrant Women: Resistance and Survival in America , Contemporary Sociology.

McDonnell, J., women and guns; urbanism and gun violence, .

McDonnell, J., Review of The Kaepernick Effect (Dave Zirin), Sociology of Sport Journal, 2022.

Teaching Excellence Award in Liberal Arts,

Women's Herstory Award for Faculty,

Bryant Pride , 2016

Bryant University Inclusivness Award, 2016

Summer Research Stipend, 2015

Merit Award recipient, 2014

2011: Bryant Residence Life Rainbow Award, LGBTQ Faculty Advocate Award, 2011

Faculty Mentor of the Year Award, 2007

Bryant Faculty Federation: Distinguished Faculty Member Award, 2006

Social inequality; theory; sociology of sport; teaching television, "The Wire"

Racial, Ethnic and Gender Inequality: Sport and Social Activism; Sport and Social Issues; Sport and Embodiment, Residential Segregation, Brazilian Immigrants

American Sociological Association

Community and Urban section

North American Society for the Sociology of Sport

North American Soceity for the Sociology of Sport

North American Society for Sociology of Sport