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Enos, Sandra

Sandra Lee Enos

Associate Professor, History and Social Sciences
Faculty Suite J, Room 118

Ph D, University of Connecticut
MA, Brown University
BA, Rhode Island College

Service-learning, social entrepreneurship, sociology of creativity, crime and justice, social problems, and globalization and childhood, international service-learning, and sociology of creativity and innovation

History and development of child welfare, teaching social change in higher education, international service-learnin, crime and the family

  • American Sociological Association
  • Eastern Sociological Society
  • 2017, The Toby Award
  • 2017, Faculty of Distinction
  • 2016, Ronald McDonald Women of Achievement Award
  • 2016, Women of Achievement Award
  • 2016, Citizen of Character Award
  • 2014, Faculty Innovation Fund
  • 2014, Nominated for campus-wide teaching award
  • 2014, Presidential Faculty Fellows
  • 2014, Certification of Appreciation
  • 2014, Revolutionary Award
  • 2014, Faculty Award
  • 2014, Woman of Distinction
  • 2013, Creative Faculty Fellows
  • 2013, Certificate of Appreciation
  • 2013, Revolutionary Award
  • 2013, Merit award for teaching academic year 2012-2013
  • 2013, Merit award for teaching academic year 2012-2013
  • 2008, Outstanding Service Award
  • 2007, Preservation Merit Award

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