About Information Systems and Analytics

Bryant University recognizes the importance of information systems and analytics for all levels of management and provides a Information Systems and Analytics curriculum that is both challenging and relevant.
Bryant Professor Suhong Li

Our Faculty

The department's faculty members disseminate knowledge through teaching, publications, conference presentations, and engagement with private and public organizations and groups. They're also dedicated teachers, bringing their expertise into the classroom and challenging students to learn by doing while they build credentials and integrate disciplines. They work closely with students, whether it's through collaborative research, supervising internships, or advising them about graduate school and careers.

Bachelor of Science in Data Science

As applications of technology expand, the need for people with in-depth expertise and know-how increases. The Bachelor of Science in Data Science degree provides a program that combines traditional computer science courses with knowledge of business management and financial practices. Students can apply their technical skills in a variety of areas.

Information Systems Concentration

Students who concentrate in Information Systems can specialize in information technology management, programming, or Web and information technology security. They will learn to define problems, develop systems, construct applications and do analytics to meet a wide range of professional opportunities in the information systems and technology field.

Clubs and Organizations

Our department sponsors opportunities for students to continue their learning outside the classroom. In clubs and organizations such as the Data Science Association, Technology and Applied Analytics Club (TAAC), and Women in Technology club, students can apply concepts from their courses and develop their ability to lead and make an impact, all while forming lifelong connections. 

Where our students go

Graduates of Bryant's programs within the Information Systems and Analytics Department go on to prestigious graduate schools and are in demand by business, government, and nonprofit organizations.

Blue Cross & Blue Shield
CVS Health
Dell EMC
Fidelity Investments
FM Global
State Street
Bentley University
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
University of Connecticut
Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Inspiring Faculty

Information Systems and Analytics - Department Page - Chair - Suhong Li

Inspiring Faculty

Our esteemed faculty include award-winning educators and mentors who have had success in the fields they teach and in research. They include the author of a leading management information systems textbook, consultants to industry, and the 2017 International Association for Computer Information Systems Computer Educator of the Year. Among them is:


Professor of Information Systems and Analytics
Department Chair