Alan D. Olinsky

Alan D. Olinsky

Professor, Mathematics and Information Systems and Analytics, B.S., M.S. Hofstra University; Ph.D. University of Rhode Island.

Ph D, University of Rhode Island

MS, Hofstra University

BBA, Hofstra University

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Distinguished Faculty Award, 2017

SAS Distinguished Professor Award, 2015

Faculty Mentor Award, 2013

Chapter Recognition Award, 2009

Faculty Member Award in Recognition of Dedication to Scholarship, Love of Teaching, and Commitment, 2007

Finalist for 2007 Montie Award for Most Unusual Application of Monte Carlo Simulation Techniques, 2007

Distinguished Faculty Award, 1988

Statistics, Data Mining, Applied Analytics, SAS Programming

Spreadsheet Modeling, Genetic Algorithms, Data Mining, Computer Intensive Methods, Multivariate Statistics

American Statistical Association,

Northeast Decision Sciences Institute

Boston Chapter American Statistical Association

Kappa Mu Epsilon

Mu Sigma Rho

Rhode Island Chapter American Statistical Association