Information Systems and Analytics

Business managers have come to rely upon computer-generated information as a critical resource in the decision-making process. Bryant University recognizes the importance of information systems and analytics for all levels of management and provides a Information Systems and Analytics curriculum that is both challenging and relevant.


Department Faculty

Adjunct Professors

  • Jeff Allen
  • Patrick Casey
  • Steven M. Fiore
  • David Gannon
  • Gerry Haupt
  • Erik Miller
Glass, Richard

Richard Glass

Professor, Information Systems and Analytics
Faculty Suite K, Room 213
Ph D, Concordia University
MBA, University of Western Ontario
BA, University of Manitoba

Applied Analytics, Data mining and predictive analytics, management information systems

Applied Analytics, Adaptive Pattern Recognition and Predictive Analytic, Information Ethics, New Technology Adoption, Social Media

  • ACM
  • Association for Information Systems
  • Decision Sciences Institute
  • The International Association for Computer Information Systems
  • 2018, Bryant University Service Award
  • 2015, Bryant Federation Distinguished Faculty Member of the Year
  • 2013, Honors Society Faculty Member
  • 2010, Best New Business Proposal - Biotechnology Sector

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