Francis Varin

Francis Varin

With a career in the software industry spanning over 36 years I have held staff and management positions in several recognized companies. A significant part of my experience has been in the consulting field where I had opportunity to work with some of the largest global companies. I have developed commercial applications in over a dozen programming languages and was the recipient of the Rhode Island Tech Collective's "Tech 10" award in 2015. I hold an undergraduate and Masters degree from Bryant University.

MS, Bryant University

BS, Bryant University

Varin, F.,Chaudhury, A., EVOLUTION OF AN ENTERPRISE INFORMATION SYSTEM TOWARD OMNI-CHANNEL RETAILING: A CASE STUDY, Journal for the International Academy for Case Studies, 2021.

Tech 10 Award, 2015

Computer Science, Programming languages, IT Management

IT Management, Programming languages, Artificial intelligence