Chen Zhang

Chen Zhang

Chen Zhang is an Associate Professor of Information Systems at Bryant University. He has a Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of Alabama and a science degree from Tsinghua University, Beijing, China. His papers have been published in more than ten peer reviewed international journals and book.

Ph D, University of Alabama

MS, University of Alabama

BS, Tsinghua University

Tian, G.,Zhang, C., Virtual Water Flows Embodied in International and Interprovincial Trade of Yellow River Basin: A Multiregional Input-Output Analysis, Sustainability/MDPI, 2020.

Pan, R.,Chaudhury, A.,Xu, C.,Zhang, C., Effect of Cyber Security Investment Level on the Evolution of Offender-Defender Games, Journal of Information Science and Engineering, 2014.

Bharati, P.,Chaudhury, A.,Song, M.,Zhang, C., Roles of Fun and Flow in Social Media Usage— A Comparative Study of American and Chinese Students, AMCIS, 2013.

Bharati, P.,Chaudhury, A.,Zhang, C., Social Media Assimilation in Firms: Investigating the Roles of Absorptive Capacity and Institutional Pressures, Information Systems Frontiers, 2013.

Wang, S.,Liu, D.,Zhang, C., Representation, Reasoning and Similar Matching for Detailed Topological Relations with DTString, Journal of Computational Information Systems, 2013.

Distributed Systems, Real-time Databases, Real-time Middleware, Internet Security and Privacy

Professional Member, ACM

Project Management Institute