Information Systems and Analytics

Business managers have come to rely upon computer-generated information as a critical resource in the decision-making process. Bryant University recognizes the importance of information systems and analytics for all levels of management and provides a Information Systems and Analytics curriculum that is both challenging and relevant.


Suhong Li named 2017 Computer Educator of the Year

Suhong Li, Ph.D., with awardSuhong Li, Ph.D., Professor of Information Systems and Analytics, has been named Computer Educator of the Year by the International Association for Computer Information Systems (IACIS). 

The annual award honors a faculty member who has an outstanding record of professional service, teaching, and scholarship, and who has made significant contributions to their university and their profession. 

In nominating Li for the award, Harold R. Records, Ph.D., Professor of Information Systems and Analytics, praised Li's “remarkable intellect, outstanding work ethic, dedication, genuine kindness, inquisitive nature and drive to … deliver the best to students.”

"I incorporate my research into my teaching, and I see that it helps the students."

Li, who chairs the Department of Information Systems and Analytics and was integral to the development of Bryant's new Data Science major, will receive the award on Oct. 6 at the association's international conference in Philadelphia.

Li is the second Bryant faculty member to win the award; the late Wallace Wood, Ph.D., former Professor of Management Information Systems who also served Bryant as Academic Vice President, Dean, and Chair of Management Information Systems, won it in 2002.

Interactive, engaged, and collaborative, Li is also eager to embrace new opportunities. She will use her 2017-2018 Faculty Innovation Grant to explore how students might improve their competency through the analysis of data generated from wearable devices such as Fitbit, Apple Watch, and Google Glass.

“Teaching and research go hand in hand; I incorporate my research into my teaching, and I see that it helps the students," says Li.  “Innovation drives change; we need innovation to stay competitive just as companies must innovate to keep up with changing environments.”