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Segovis, James

James Courtney Segovis

Associate Professor, Management
Faculty Suite C, Room 213

James Segovis teaches courses on organizational behavior, leadership, and power and influence in the workplace.

On campus, he’s known for his engaging, exacting teaching and his successful campus outreach efforts.

Segovis was the long-time director of the John H. Chafee Center for International Business, which serves as a link to local and regional businesses, helping them expand into international markets by providing research, training, and consulting services. He also helped create the Center for Design and Business, a partnership with Rhode Island School of Design, and led the Bryant research team that studied how defense industry businesses converted to new markets through a $2 million Department of Defense grant.

“I’m an entrepreneur,” he said, “and these programs are my startups.”

Organizational behavior is Segovis’ scholarly passion. He studies how organizations do (and don’t) manage change and how individuals within those organizations exert influence in a principled way. He also conducts research on stress in the workplace.

“At Bryant, I’ve been able to be highly collaborative, and work with so many creative, wonderful people,” Segovis said. “The strength at Bryant is collegiality. Faculty and staff play well in the sandbox, and are always willing to share with you and help you.”

He currently teaches graduate and undergraduate courses in Leadership, Management, Power & Influence, Negotiation & Conflict Resolution, Strategy, Teambuilding & Conflict Resolution, and Client Consulting.

Stress Management, Coping, Cross-cultural management issues, Organization transformation and Change, Negotiation, and Conflict Resolution and Team Building

  • Organizational Behavior Teaching Society
  • The Academy of Management
  • American Society for Training & Development
  • Employee Assistance Professionals Association
  • 2015, MBA Outstanding Professor Award for the Part-time MBA Program
  • 2014, University Service Award - Team
  • 2013, Outstanding Professor Award, MBA Class of 2013
  • 2010, Outstanding Professor Award, MBA Class of 2010
  • 2008, Excellence In Teaching Award
  • 2008, Recognition for Outstanding Dedication and Invaluable Service
  • 2005, The Order of Omega
  • 2005, Omicron Delta Kappa National Leadership Honor Society
  • 2004, Global Entrepreneurship Program Faculty Award
  • 2000, Leadership Rhode Island, Upsilon Class of 2000
  • 1994, The Continuous Quality Improvement Award
  • 1991, Meritorious Achievement Award
  • 1990, Meritorious Achievement Award
  • 1988, Chairman Letter of Recognition
  • 1987, Chairman Letter of Recognition
  • 1984, The Academy of Management Doctoral Consortium
  • 1983, The Academy of Management Doctoral Consortium
  • 1973, Lilly Foundation Intern
  • 1970, Who's Who in American Colleges
  • 1966, Jenkin's Scholar

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