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Mazzucchelli, Lou

Lou Mazzucchelli

Lecturer, Management
Faculty Suite L, Room 103

Lou’s unique perspective stems from extensive experience in technology and business, begun at a young age and spanning a 40-year career. He became the youngest member of ACM at age 15 and founded the first Junior Achievement IT company in the US. He helped pay for his college education by working at RI-based International Data Sciences, Inc., where he developed designs for microcomputer-based data communications systems.

After receiving the first undergraduate degree in Artificial Intelligence granted in the US, Mr. Mazzucchelli continued with IDS, designing data communications systems and embedded software using first-generation microprocessors. Later, he became CIO of that company and brought it from manual operations to integrated, on-line processing for financials, inventory management and product development. On the side, he helped design the first practical tactical navigation system for 12-meter racing yachts.

In 1979, he joined Yourdon inc. as a teacher and consultant. Lou was instrumental in extending structured development techniques to real-time and embedded systems, and worked with clients including utilities, consumer products companies, data communications companies and national laboratories worldwide. Mr. Mazzucchelli left Yourdon in 1982 to form Cadre Technologies, one of the first computer-aided software engineering tools companies. He and his team built Cadre into the leader in embedded systems software development tools, with more than 20,000 users in over 40 countries. He was a principal architect of Cadre’s Teamwork software development environment. Teamwork was one of the first commercial client-server applications. Its extensible architecture ultimately allowed it to support heterogeneous collections of workstations and PCs in local and wide-area networks. Teamwork’s architecture was designed to support a 15-20 year product cycle. Its first implementation was delivered (on time) in June 1985, and the system remained in use by customers until its retirement in 2001.

From 1996 to 1999, Mr. Mazzucchelli also served as a member of The Airlie Council, a group of the United States’ most distinguished software engineering experts and thought leaders. This group was empanelled by Congress to bring reform to US DoD software development and acquisition practices. The Council’s work had a dramatic influence on aerospace and commercial software development and brought about refinements that were subsequently made to the Software Engineering Institute’s Capability Maturity Model (CMM) and its integrated software and hardware systems counterpart, the CMMI.

Mr. Mazzucchelli went to Wall Street in 1996, helping build a technology equity research practice at Gerard Klauer Mattison, a boutique investment bank. His first report for GKM, "The Personal Computer Industry: Short-Term Growth May Lead to Long-Term Upheaval", was called by Lew Platt, then CEO of HP “one of the best I have seen in terms of analyzing the forces of change at work in the PC industry.” Mr. Mazzucchelli worked closely with the senior management teams of all of the major computer companies and received national recognition for his equity research performance.

In 2001, Mr. Mazzucchelli became a venture partner at Ridgewood Capital, where he directed investments in semiconductor, systems, software and alternative energy technology companies. His work at Ridgewood leveraged his knowledge and experience in technology, business strategy, and finance. Between 2003 and 2007, Mr. Mazzucchelli started a music business in NYC and helped restart a 3D display hardware company in Norwalk, CT. He is a past Director of Asure Software (NASDAQ:ASUR) where he variously chaired the compensation and audit committees, and is currently on the board of InRule Technology in Chicago.

Entrepreneurship. Management, Information Technology

New Venture Creation, Artificial Intelligence. Systems Integration

  • 1999, WSJ All-Star Analyst Team, Heavy Hitter
  • 1999, WSJ All-Star Analyst Team, Stock Picking, Personal Computers
  • 1998, WSJ All-Star Analyst Team, Earnings Estimate Accuracy
  • 1992, Greater Providence Small Business Leader of the Year
  • 1991, RI Governor's Technology Award

Mazzucchelli, L., What's Over the Technology Horizon?, Cutter Information Systems, 2015.