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Yasamin Salmani

Yasamin Salmani is an assistant professor of Project & Operations Management with interests in Retailing and Supply Chain Optimization. She received her Ph.D. in Decision Sciences (Operations & Business Analytics) from Drexel University in May 2019.
She developed a novel analytic procedure to provide a structure for optimal investment decisions towards improving existing distribution channels in a supply chain. She is interested in utilizing analytical and operational research techniques to find solutions for real-world business problems. Her proposed methodology is applied to a U.S. manufacturing, multi-channel company. Currently, her research focuses on omnichannel retailing and service operations management.
Yasamin loves teaching as a profession and finds that teaching is a valuable complement to her research.

Ph D, Drexel University

M Sc, Allameh Tabatabai University

B Sc, Allameh Tabatabai University

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Outstanding MBA Faculty Award, 2022

Faculty Reserach Merit Award, 2022

Northeast Decision Sciences Institute (NEDSI) Conference Best paper Award, 2018

Drexel University Outstanding Ph.D. Economics Research Paper Award, 2016

Operations management<br>Project management<br>Service operations management<br>Supply chain management

Omni-channel retailing optimization<br>Behavioral operations management<br>Downstream supply chain analysis<br>Service operations management<br>Operations-marketing interface

Decision Sciences Institute

Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences; Analytics Society; Decision Analysis Society; Women in ORMS Forum; Transportation Science and Logistics Society