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R. Isil Yavuz

R. Işıl Yavuz is an Assistant Professor of Entrepreneurship at Braynt University. She
teaches entrepreneurship, international business and international entrepreneurship at undergraduate and graduate levels. Dr. Yavuz’s research investigates the interactive role of cognition and context in the early internationalization, innovation and performance of high technology new ventures. Her work has so far been published in Journal of Business of Venturing and Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice. She has also written a book, titled “Outsider Entrepreneurs.” Işıl received her PhD in Strategic Management and Entrepreneurship from the University of Minnesota. Dr. Yavuz was awarded a Kaufmann Dissertation Fellowship Award and Kauffman Firm Survey Best Dissertation Award for her doctoral dissertation. She holds a master’s degree in Social Psychology from Middle East Technical University (METU). Her master’s thesis received the Best M.S. Thesis of the Year Award from the Graduate School of Social Sciences at the Middle East Technical University. Dr. Yavuz received her bachelor’s degree (as valedictorian) from METU in Business Administration.

Ph D, University of Minnesota

MS, Middle East Technical University

BS, Middle East Technical University

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Faculty Merit Award, 2022

College of Business Outstanding Service Award, 2022

Best Paper Prize Nominee, Strategic Management Society (SMS) Conference, 2020

Best Paper Proceedings, Academy of Management (AOM) Conference , 2018

Best Paper Proceedings, Babson Entrepreneurship Research (BERC) Conference , 2012

Kauffman Firm Survey (KFS) Best Dissertation Award , USA , 2012

Doris McNamara's Women Dissertation Fellowship Award, U of Minnesota, USA , 2010

Kauffman Foundation Dissertation Fellowship Award, USA , 2010

M.S., Best Master Thesis of the Year Award in Social Sciences, METU, Turkey, 2005

B.S., Valedictorian with the CGPA of 4.0/4.0, METU, Turkey, 2002

Entrepreneurship, International Business

International entrepreneurship, high-tech immigrant entrepreneurship, woman entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial financing, entrepreneurship in developing countries, new venture innovation and performance

Strategic Management Society

Academy of International Business

Academy of Management