Kathryn Ostermeier

Kathryn Ostermeier

Dr. Kathryn Ostermeier received her Ph.D. in Management from the University of North Texas (May 2018), which is a Carnegie-ranked top-tier research university. Her dissertation, entitled "A Foot in Two Worlds: Exploring Organizational and Professional Dual Identification", was a three-study, quantitative exploration of a type of dual identification. In her work, she explored how identifying with one's profession and organization at the same time can have ramifications for the individual and their organization.

Before joining UNT, Kathryn received her BBA in Business Honors from Texas A&M University (December 2012) and her MBA from the University of Texas at Tyler (August 2014). While completing her MBA, she worked as a third-party recruiter (headhunter) in the finance and accounting industry.

Kathryn decided to leave industry and pursue a doctoral degree due to her interest in teaching, but she fell in love with research along the way. She believes that being a researcher allows her to be a better, more knowledgeable teacher and that being a teacher helps her conduct relevant and timely research.

Ph D, University of North Texas

MBA, University of Texas at Tyler

BBA, Texas A&M University

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Outstanding Reviewer, 2017

OutstandingReviewer, 2016

General Management, Organizational Behavior, Leadership, Human Resources

Authenticity, Identity, Groups & Teams, Individual Differences

Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology

Academy of Management