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Notarantonio, Elaine

Elaine Notarantonio

Professor, Marketing
Faculty Suite B, Room 325

Elaine Notarantonio is an expert in the factors that drive people and organizations to buy – their loyalties, their influences, their preferences for pricing and their responsiveness to promotion.

An active consultant, Notarantonio has conducted consumer studies for clients ranging from Nissan to GTech. She’s also served as an expert witness in federal court, testifying on the impact of market competition in cases involving the retail, automotive, and technology industries.

“I can relate to consumer behavior on a personal level,” she said. “We all shop. And we’re all susceptible to our friends, to advertisements, to trends.”

The Internet has made a major impact on consumers, Notarantonio notes. Armed with an avalanche of online information, people are savvier about price, quality, service, and sales. Case in point is car purchases. Notarantonio said consumers used to visit a car dealership, on average, four times before buying. Today, due in large part to online research, the average consumer visits a dealer one and a half times before buying.

“The Internet is a good thing for consumers,” she said. “It has shifted the balance of power from businesses to buyers.”

With an ever-changing marketplace – think Groupon and Twitter – Notarantonio is constantly updating her course materials and her research portfolio.

Her latest areas of research focus are the convergence of the health, beauty, and fitness industries (think dermatologists selling cosmetics and gyms selling vitamin supplements) and how patients and their primary doctors perceive traditional and alternative medical treatments.

“Does everyone know their options?” she said. “Do they do their research? As an advocate for complementary and alternative medicine, and preventive medicine, these questions are my passion.”

Marketing Foundations, Consumer Behavior, Marketing strategy

Strategic Market Planning, 21st Century Marketplace, creating the consumer experience, Healthcare and consumer involvement level

  • Academy of Marketing Science
  • Advisory Board of Institute for Family Studies
  • Advisory Board of SBA Entrepreneurship Training Program
  • American Collegiate Retail Assocation
  • American Marketing Association
  • American Psychological Association
  • Assocation of Marketing Theory and Practice
  • Association of Marketing Educators
  • Beta Gamma Sigma Honor Society
  • Christian Management Association
  • Order of Omega
  • 2006, Top Paper in Track award
  • 2000, Distinguished Faculty Award

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