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McKay-Nesbitt, Jane

Jane McKay-Nesbitt

Associate Professor, Marketing
Faculty Suite J, Room 145

Jane McKay-Nesbitt came to Bryant after working for many years in the financial services industry as a Financial Planner, Bank Manager, and finally as an Investment Advisor. Jane’s ability to draw on her business experience in her teaching along with her passion for students and for teaching is reflected in the teaching awards she has received and in the awards her students have received in sales competitions. Jane also enjoys her research in Social Marketing and Marketing Pedagogy. Her work has been published in a variety of peer-reviewed academic journals and she is frequently invited to present her work at academic conferences in the US, Europe and Canada.

Fundamentals of Marketing, Personal Selling, Business to Business Marketing

Social Marketing, Advertising Effectiveness, Persuasion, Sales, Marketing Pedagogy,

  • Academy of Marketing Sciences
  • American Marketing Association
  • Association of Consumer Research
  • Administrative Sciences Association of Canada
  • European Advertising Academy
  • 2017, Bryant University Merit Award
  • 2017, Summer Research Stipend
  • 2016, Sabbatical
  • 2016, Summer Research Stipend
  • 2016, Highly Commended Paper 2016, Journal of Social Marketing
  • 2016, Honorary Coach, Bryant Women's Basketball Team
  • 2016, Sabbatical
  • 2015, Recognition from students
  • 2015, Mu Kappa Tau
  • 2015, Award for Meritorius Teaching
  • 2015, Outstanding Reviewer 2014
  • 2015, Summer Research Stipend
  • 2014, Sigma Chi Faculty Appreciation
  • 2014, Best Reviewer
  • 2014, Creativity Fellow
  • 2014, Summer Research Stipend
  • 2013, Omicron Delta Kappa National Leadership Honor Award
  • 2013, Advisor of the Month
  • 2013, Overall Team Championship
  • 2013, Contributing to Success
  • 2013, Summer Research Stipend
  • 2012, Faculty Excellence in Teaching Award
  • 2011, Award for Innovative Excellence in Teaching, Learning, and Technology
  • 2009, Beta Gamma Sigma Honor Society
  • 2008, Distinguished Dissertation Nominee
  • 2006, McGiverin Fellowship for Highest Standing
  • 2005, Alice E. Wilson Award
  • 2005, Canada Doctoral Scholarship ($105,000)
  • 2005, Incentive Award
  • 2005, McGiverin Fellowship for Highest Standing
  • 2004, Graduate Fellowship
  • 2004, Ph.D. Fellowship
  • 1993, Market Management, Manitoba District

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