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Department Faculty

Adjunct Professors

  • Loring Barnes
  • Hannah Bell-Lombardo
  • Kevin Gainor
  • Debra B. Izzo
  • Mehreen Pasha
  • Kaitlyn R. Pintarich
  • Tracy A. Ruzzo
  • Shawn P. Scott
  • Tim Wolski
  • Linda Woulfe
Kim, Kacy

Kacy Kim

Assistant Professor, Marketing
Faculty Suite B, Room 332
Ph D, The University of Texas at Austin
MA, The University of Texas at Austin
MA, Sungkyunkwan University
BA, Chung-Ang University

Marketing Analytics, Marketing Research, Search Engine Optimization, Data Visualization

Digital Marketing, Marketing Analytics with Big Data, Integrated Marketing Communication

  • Academy of Marketing Science
  • American Marketing Association
  • American Academy of Advertising
  • 2015, Rising Scholar Award
  • 2014, Best Conference Paper Award
  • 2014, ESCP Europe Best paper Award
  • 2013, Jesse Jones Fellowship Award
  • 2012, University Continuing Fellowship Award
  • 2011, Research Grant with Williams, J and Wilcox, G.
  • 2011, University Continuing Fellowship Award
  • 2001, Brain Korea 21 Scholarship

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