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Murray, Keith

Keith Murray

Professor, Marketing
Faculty Suite B, Room 312

Through writing, teaching and lecturing, Keith B. Murray encourages people to become more discerning consumers.

A nationally known expert on in-advertising disclosures in TV commercials, Murray has testified before the Federal Trade Commission and submitted written testimony to the U.S. Congress. He was an expert witness in a groundbreaking lawsuit challenging law firms’ ads.  

Half of all television ads have disclosures – the virtually impossible to read and comprehend “fine print” – that alter the ads’ intended messages. A whopping 85 percent of ads targeting children contain those disclosures. “It doesn’t seem fair to me and it doesn’t make sense to have disappointed consumers,” he said. “If you came to my class, it would change the way you watch TV.”

Murray, who once envisioned himself becoming a Dr. Phil-like psychologist, is currently researching The website owner, MTV, uses it to promote MTV programs, said Murray, who calls that fact “an open secret.” Although legitimate teacher evaluations require at least five to 10 ratings, uses just two: “helpfulness” and “clarity.” With a margin of error of 30 to 40 percent, Murray said, “The website gets more respect than it deserves.”

Essays he recently published in USA Today  offer sound and pragmatic advice to both students and professors. Murray tells his students, “We have important things to get done in class. But if you ask me to lunch, I will pay. We’ll talk about career issues.”

Marketing management Consumer behavior Advertising/Promotion Services management & marketing

Public Policy and Marketing Issues, Prevalence and Impact of in-advertising Disclosures, Marketing Concepts Applied to the Cultivation of Institutional Support, Service Quality and Education

  • Omnicron Delta Kappa [ODK]
  • American Academy of Advertising
  • American Marketing Association
  • Beta Gamma Signma [BGS]
  • 2016, Inducted into ODK

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