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Murray, Keith

Keith Murray

Professor, Marketing
Faculty Suite B, Room 312
Ph D, Arizona State University
MBA, Boston University
MA, Pepperdine University
BA, Columbia Union College

Marketing management Consumer behavior Advertising/Promotion Services management & marketing Marketing strategy, policies, & practice

Public policy and marketing problems, prevalence and impact of in-advertising disclosures, education and teaching quality and measurements.

  • American Academy of Advertising
  • American Marketing Association
  • 2016, Inducted into membership, Omega Delta Kappa
  • 2000, Sam M. Walton Free Enterprise Fellow
  • 1999, Bryant University Alumni Association Distinguished Faculty Award
  • 1996, Inducted into membership, Beta Gamma Signma
  • 1986, Inducted into membership, Apha Mu Alpha
  • 1985, Inducted into membership, Sigma Iota Epsilon

Murray, K. B., A test of in-ad disclosure on hierarchy of effects measures: An empirical test, Journal of Public Policy & Marketing.

Murray, K. B., 15 years of affirmative disclosure: A longitudinal study of trends and differences over time., Journal of Public Policy & Marketing.

Murray, K. B., Impact of affirmative disclosure in television advertising: An empirical test and findings., Journal of Advertising.

Murray, K., Cornell, B., Perceptions of happiness and Its determinants: An intergenerational study of what people think about money and happiness., TBD.

Murray, K. B., Why a Hierarchy of Effects Model Is Still the Best Approach to Managing and Optimizing the Impact of Corporate Social Responsibility Activities, Journal of Global Scholars of Marketing Science, 2018.

Zdravkovic, S., Murray, K., Does MTV really do a good job of evaluating professors? An empirical test of the internet site, Journal of Education for Business, 2016.