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Zdravkovic, Srdan

Srdan Zdravkovic

Associate Professor, Marketing
Faculty Suite B, Room 321

Ph D, Saint Louis University
MBA, University of Southern Indiana
BS, University of Evansville

International Marketing, Marketing Management, International Business.

Cross Cultural Consumer Behavior, Country of Origin, Sponsorship

  • American Marketing Association
  • Academy of International Business
  • 2018, Summer Research Grant
  • 2017, Summer Research Grant
  • 2016, Award for Meritorious Teaching
  • 2016, Summer Research Grant
  • 2016, “Certificate of Excellence” in recognition of Favorite International Business Professor
  • 2015, Contributing to Success Innovation Award - Nominee
  • 2015, Mu Kappa Tau 2015 Commitment to Marketing Award
  • 2015, Faculty Innovation Grant Recipient
  • 2015, Mu Kappa Tau Honor Society Inductee
  • 2015, Omicron Delta Kappa Inductee
  • 2014, Award for Meritorious Scholarship
  • 2014, Best X-Culture Instructor
  • 2013, Haynes Prize for the Most Promising Scholar nominee
  • 2012, Award for Meritorious Scholarship and Teaching at Bryant University
  • 2011, Excellence in Teaching award – Bryant University
  • 2011, Supervised team of IB students who ranked Number 1 in the world in Business Strategy Game simulation
  • 2010, Award for Meritorious Scholarship
  • 2009, Highly commended award
  • 2008, Conference distinguished paper award
  • 2007, Certificate in University Teaching Skills
  • 2007, Conference second place award
  • 2005, Conference best paper award

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