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Yoon, Sukki

Sukki Yoon

Professor, Marketing
Faculty Suite K, Room 210

Sukki Yoon is an associate professor of marketing at Bryant University. Previously he was an assistant professor at Cleveland State University, a visiting scholar at Grey Worldwide, Harvard, Sookmyung, Dongguk, and UNIST, and a consultant at U.S. and Korean firms and government agencies. He studies consumer behavior. He has published articles in many international journals and has served on editorial boards. He has also written columns for newspapers and magazines.

Marketing Communications, Advertising, Consumer Behavior, Marketing Research.

Branding, Integrated Marketing Communication, Consumer Psychology, International Advertising, Digital Marketing, Social Marketing.

  • American Academy of Advertising
  • American Marketing Association
  • Association for Consumer Research
  • Society for Consumer Psychology
  • 2017, Merit Award
  • 2016, 2016 GMC Best Conference Paper Award
  • 2016, Emerald Literati Network Award for Excellence
  • 2015, Excellence in Research and Publication Award
  • 2015, Merit Award
  • 2015, Best Conference Paper Award
  • 2014, Advanced Applied Analytics Grant
  • 2013, Merit Award
  • 2011, Gallup Korea Research Award, Best Paper (1st Place) in research methods
  • 2011, Merit Award
  • 2009, AEF Visiting Professorship
  • 2006, Faculty Research Development Grant, $14,960,
  • 2006, KOBACO Research Grant with Han S., $33,119

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