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Shanel Anthony ’02, ’03 MBA: "Success doesn't happen in a vacuum"

Master's degree: Business Administration
Undergraduate major: Management
Path: Regional manager, Medtronic

Headshot of Shanel AnthonyShanel Anthony ’02, ’03 MBA recalls the best piece of advice he ever received: “Always reach your hand back to help someone move forward with you. Success doesn’t happen in a vacuum – you don’t get to where you are alone, so return the favor whenever you can.” He has spent the last 15 years of his career doing just that.

"Great leaders realize that they don’t have all the answers."

Anthony, regional manager for the Minimally Invasive Therapy Group at Medtronic, a $29-billion healthcare company, has always been a leader. “Easily the best part of my job is developing employees and seeing the end result as they go on to achieve more and more success,” says the former president of Bryant’s Multicultural Student Union and Intercultural Center, and Bulldogs football team captain. “The fact that I come to my job through the sales side means that I understand that solo mentality and show them how they fit into the team."

Reading the room

Every team has its own personality, work ethic, and dynamics, and as the regional manager, Anthony seeks members who will add something new to help the team grow while working well with existing members. “Something I look for in all of the hires is self-awareness – understanding situations and being able to apply context. Knowing when to talk, when to be quiet, even where to stand. In listening, you show self-control; that you can read the room and read the person you’re communicating with,” he explains. “This self-awareness is one of the most important ingredients for success in any field.”

Along with self-awareness, Anthony believes that those who thrive bring other important intangibles to the table.

“For instance, understanding that ‘Employee #4116’ is a person and has a family and treating him/her as such will net you a far more productive employee. But you must be genuine.”

Teamwork is important in any business, Anthony says, as is fostering collaboration “Great leaders realize that they don’t have all the answers – if you want to go fast, go alone….if you want to go far, go together,” he says, quoting a notable African proverb.

A personal value Anthony seeks in employees is honesty. “Being honest and true to yourself is most important. A lie can cost you and your company immeasurably,” he says. “Be true to yourself, your product, and your company. Underpromise and overdeliver, and you can never go wrong."