About Mathematics

Through academic excellence, we provide the theoretical foundation for critical thinking in quantitative problem solving and reasoning.
Bryant Professor Rick Gorvett

Our faculty

As dedicated teachers, the department's faculty members work closely with students in collaborative research, by supervising internships, and advising about graduate school and careers. Many are affiliated with the Advanced Applied Analytics Center.

Programs available

We offer majors in Actuarial Mathematics and Applied Mathematics and Statistics; concentrations in Applied Statistics, Applied Analytics, and Actuarial Mathematics; and two minors. We support the Applied Analytics concentration and the Graduate Certificate in Business Analytics.

Student involvement

The Actuarial Association augments the academic experience of the actuarial program. It provides an opportunity for personal and professional development and helps to provide networking opportunities for students interested in internship and full-time position.

Where our students go

Graduates of Bryant's programs within the Mathematics Department go on to prestigious graduate schools and are in demand by business, government, and nonprofit organizations.

Blue Cross/Blue Shield
Citizens Financial Group
CVS Health
Fidelity Investments
John Hancock
The Hartford
Boston University
Brown University
North Carolina State University
University of Michigan
University of Texas

Inspiring Faculty

Mathematics - Department Page - Chair - Rick Gorvett

Inspiring Faculty

Our faculty are award-winning industry leaders, distinguished educators, and dedicated mentors who share their experience and expertise to help you achieve success. Among them is:


Professor of Mathematics
Department Chair